Illustrations for the Slovak newspaper "dennik N"

In August 2015 I was asked by the Slovak daily newspaper "Denník N" to illustrate one issue. To illustrate all articles that will appear in this issue, including the cover page. So the issue shouldn’t have contained any photographs as it usually does, just my illustrations. Wow. Previously only Christoph Niemann did that and he only allowed them to use some of his already existed illustrations, he was not suppose to create anything new. I was absolutely pleased and scared at the same time by this offer. I didn’t say no even when I doubt if it was even possible to do that in very short time I had. I started on Friday when a few articles from the editorial office were prepared for Monday (as it was Monday issue). And I started thinking about the selected themes and how to visualise them in a graphic way. Eventually it went well, on Friday night I thought everything will be perfect and genius, I made a lot of sketches. On Saturday morning I woke up and I realised nothing is OK and it doesn’t feel right anymore. So I started over. I spent the whole weekend alone in my flat, just thinking and drawing, sometimes eating some little snacks, all in complete silence without any distraction around, only focusing on the themes that were gradually arriving to my mailbox. I was working until the last minute of Sunday and then visited the editorial office again. And… everyone was amazed! It wasn’t my professional suicide! Conversely, the issue was very popular. And I went on holidays the very next day… Now I’m happy to present all the illustrations that were created during that weekend but you can read the articles only in slovak language, as well as the interview. 


Font I used in this issue:
Preto Serif & Preto Sans by Dizajndesign

Here you can read the interview (in slovak only):

You can also find this project on Behance: